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Otome Asakura
Da Capo II, Da Capo: D.C. I & II P.S.P. OVA Character
Gender Female
Love Interest Yoshiyuki Sakurai
Family Sakura Yoshino (Mother-in-law), Jun'ichi Asakura (Grandfather), Nemu Asakura (Grandmother), Yume Asakura (Younger sister), Yoshiyuki Sakurai (Adopted brother in DCII)( Husband in DCII Dearest Marriage)
Occupation Student
Anime Debut The Season of Small Love
Seiyu Ai Hinaki, Ayahi Takagaki

Otome Asakura (朝倉音姫 Asakura Otome) is one of Jun'ichi and Nemu's granddaughters. She is the student of Kazemi senior high class 2-3 and the chairman of the student council. Like her grandfather, she has the ability to create Japanese sweets, using calories from her body as fuel in the process.

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