Miharu Amakase
Da Capo, T.P. Sakura: Time Paladin Sakura, Da Capo: If Character
Gender Female
Love Interest Jun'ichi Asakura
Occupation Junior High School Student
Anime Debut "Can't I Fall In Love?"
Seiyu Akemi Kanda

'Miharu Amakase' (天枷 美春 Amakase Miharu) is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 1-2. She is a childhood friend of Nemu and Jun'ichi after Sakura left, being one year younger than them. She loves bananas, especially eating them. She adores Nemu, and behaves much like a little puppy around her — in fact, her nickname is Puppy (わんこ Wanko).

After falling off a tree trying to save a kitten and being rendered into a comatose state, she is replaced by an identical android who develops a strong bond with Junichi Asakura. The android Miharu later runs out of her life expectancy towards the end of the first series, and the real Miharu finally wakes up from her coma, reuniting with her friends.

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