The undying Sakura Trees have returned. The new main protagonist is Yoshiyuki Sakurai, who lives next door to the Asakura sisters Yume and Otome, who are the granddaughters of Junichi and Nemu from the first season.

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# Title Air Date
1 The Season of Small Love (Chiisana Koi no Kisetsu, 小さな恋の季節) October 1, 2007
Koko confesses to Yoshiyuki.
# Title Air Date
2 Bananas and Humans (Banana to Ningen, バナナと人間) October 8, 2007
Yoshiyuki walks into the basement of the Principal's office where he accidentally awakens Minatsu from her slumber.
# Title Air Date
3 First Lesson (Fāsuto Ressun, ファーストレッスン) October 15, 2007
Yoshiyuki becomes friends with Nanaka. Yoshiyuki joins the school band which Koko is in also, after hearing Nanaka sing.
# Title Air Date
4 In the Autumn Wind (Akikaze no Naka de, 秋風の中で) October 22, 2007
Yoshiyuki's school is holding its athletic festival. Koko tries to get Yoshiyuki alone to take a picture but fails until the end of the day.
# Title Air Date
5 2 cm Distance Remaining (Ato Ni Senchi no Kyori, あと2センチの距離) October 29, 2007
Yoshiyuki and Koko's first date.
# Title Air Date
6 I Hate Humans (Ningen Kirai, 人間キライ) November 05, 2007
Otome asks Yoshiyuki to befriend Minatsu. Failing to do so, he accidentally bumps into Minatsu the next day where she drops her plans to take over the world. Embarrassed by the situation, Minatsu begs Yoshiyuki not to reveal her plans. Minatsu reveals why she hates humans and slowly becomes friends with Yoshiyuki.
# Title Air Date
7 Sudden Storm (Niwaka Arashi, にわか嵐) November 12, 2007
Nanaka is locked outside on the roof of the school. She's confused about her feelings towards Yoshiyuki.
# Title Air Date
8 Bright Sunshine Time (Hakujitsu no Toki, 白日の時) November 19, 2007
Minatsu's true identity is revealed when an accident occurs when Yoshiyuki and everyone else is shopping for the upcoming school trip.
# Title Air Date
9 Love Patterned Road to Japan (Koi Moyō Yamatoji, 恋模様大和路) November 26, 2007
The class trip to Nara begins and Koko begins to question her relationship with Yoshiyuki. They promise each other to visit a shrine on the last day of the trip.
# Title Air Date
10 Feelings Growing Hazy (Kasunde Iku Omoi, 霞んでいく想い) December 03, 2007
Rumors spread throughout the school about Minatsu being a robot. Otome collapses from the stress and Yoshiyuki returns immediately to check on her breaking his promise with Koko.The Class rep confronts Yoshiyuki about the rumors about Minatsu, she then reports it to the student council. The reasons for Class Rep's hate for robots is revealed
# Title Air Date
11 Koko, Heart, Contrary (Koko, Kokoro, Urahara, 小恋、ココロ、うらはら) December 10, 2007
The class continues to talk behind Minatu's back. Koko begins to avoid Yoshiyuki.
# Title Air Date
12 Bridge to the Heart (Kokoro no Kakehashi, 心の架け橋) December 17, 2007
Minatsu saves the Class Representative's brother. The class' attitude changes over Minatsu, however, the incident is revealed to the school board and expel Minatsu from the school. Even the class representative forgives Minatsu and reveals how she's abandoned her plans to take over the world. Upon hearing the news about Minatsu's expulsion , Yoshiyuki searches for Sakura where he bumps into Koko. Koko breaks up Yoshiyuki.
# Title Air Date
13 Wish Upon the Sakura's Smile (Sakura Emi Kimi Omou, 桜笑み君想う) December 24, 2007
Minatsu's expulsion is announced throughout the school. The classes protest by not going to class. Minatsu thanks everyone for their support through a broadcast. Koko plans a graduation ceremony for Minatsu's goodbye.
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